NEMOARC Roster (as of 20190409) by Call Sign

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SK Bud Seibold aa0jt Extra 08/04/2022  
Member Kerry Haley aa0v Extra 08/27/2023 
Friend Craig Comstock ab0ch Extra 02/20/2025 
Member Dave Krueger ab0dk Extra 10/18/2026 
Member Donna Seibold ab0ph Extra 06/17/2027
Member Merlin Chris Shelton ac0ky Extra 04/04/2022
Sullivan County EC Sam Cook ac0ok Extra 05/04/2027 
Member John Perrachione aj0hn Extra 04/04/2027 
Member David Balfour ad0b Extra 04/10/2028
Member Jim Farmer ka0bat General 05/31/2029
Secretary/ Ares Patrick McGillan ka9pdk General 07/28/2029
Friend Dave Newman kb0nwt General 07/14/2024
Scotland County EC Dave Newman kb0nwt General 07/14/2024
Schuyler County EC Victor Farrell kb0qnh General 01/24/2025 
Member Allen Caraway kb0vcn Extra 01/24/2026 
Friend James Davidson kc0dd Extra 02/08/2026 
Member Ferrell McClanahan kc0fgx General 03/22/2029
Member Charles Porter III kc0hpd Technician 04/02/2021
Member John Neeley kd0cud Extra 02/01/2028
Treasurer Don Bindner kd0pgm Extra 08/02/2021
Kathy Krueger kd0sgm General 06/20/2022
Member Vance Myers kd0sgu General 06/20/2022
Member Dan.Aaronsen ke0whl Technician 07/19/2029
Friend Mike Powell kd0vzd General   06/24/2023
President Alex Fleak kd0yte Extra 01/15/2024 
Member Lon Fost ke0fah Technician 06/24/2025
Member Tom Lloyd ke0fom Extra 08/21/2025
Member Russell Shirk ke0hvu Extra 03/02/2026
Member Dan King ke0idj Technician 03/14/2026
Member Michael Borron ke0mzf General 04/17/2027 
Friend Chris Long ke0ohk General 08/21/2027 
Member Louis Veatch ke0ohl Technician 08/21/2027
Member Richard Nations ke0pia Technician 11/30/2027
Member Jordan Malugen ke0pmp Technician 12/13/2027
Member John Dungan ke0pmq Technician 12/13/2027 
Member Paul Stidham ke0pmr Technician 12/13/2027
Member Pam Barnett n0aya General 06/14/2024
Member Becky Balfour n0bex Extra 02/26/2029
Member Gwen Perrachione n0ewg General 04/22/2027
Paul Doi n0rww Extra 05/14/2022 
Friend Matt Chambers nr0q Extra 07/08/2024 
Vice President Chuck Porter II wb0zhb General 03/22/2029 
Member Mel Wheeler wd0fry Extra 12/01/2022