Northeast Missouri Amateur Radio Club

Serving Adair County and the Surrounding Area

Field Day

Part Contest, Part Emergency Equipment Test, Part Social Gathering. Field Day is always the 4th weekend of June and is a great time to get together with old friends or make new ones and celebrate ham radio. Come and join us next field day and find out what ham radio is all about

Field Day 2019 Submission.

ARRL Field Day Entry Form

Datestamp: 2017-07-18 06:49:24 PDT
Confirmation: f171f955c8b7c52c

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Call Used: W0CBL     GOTA Station Call: (none)     ARRL/RAC Section: MO     Class: 3A

Participants: 5     Club/Group Name: Northeast Missouri Amateur Radio Club

Power Source(s): Generator

Power Multiplier: 2X

Bonus Points:
  100% Emergency power                            300
  Media Publicity                                 100
  Submitted via the Web                            50
Total Bonus Points                                450

Score Summary:
                  CW  Digital  Phone  Total
   Total QSOs      0      0     122
 Total Points      0      0     122    122   Claimed Score = 244

Submitted by:
David J Krueger/Secratery, AB0DK
27004 State Hwy 6
Kirksville, MO 63501


Band/Mode QSO Breakdown:
               CW          Digital      Phone
            QSOs Pwr(W)  QSOs Pwr(W)  QSOs Pwr(W)
       80m                             33    100
       40m                             27    100
       20m                             54    100
        6m                              8    100
     TOTAL    0            0          122